Cuban Software Company Looks at Market Expansion

1427214110desoft-logo-grande[1]Cuban software company DESOFT expects to expand its markets particularly in Latin America, though it does not discard the chance to do business with US companies, but no concrete proposals have yet been received. Desoft is Cuba´s major computer software company and its general director, Luis Guillermo Fernandez said that when they are asked about their market intentions they say they are looking at the Internet.

“We want to set up strategic alliances and participate at the Latin American market, though we do not discard others looking for relations with our region,” said Fernandez who added that after the announcement of the process to reestablish diplomatic relations with the United States they have not yet received any proposal from US companies interested in doing business with his entity.

“We think they have interest in this area, but we have nothing concrete yet,” and he added that his company must undergo certain transformation so that a future relation with Washington opens opportunities to enhance its role as provider of software services, PL news agency reported.

Desoft was created in 1998 and it now counts on 2 thousand 300 workers; more than half of them are I.T. engineers. The company specializes in applications for mid and large enterprises and it has thus far over 5 thousand licenses of an accounting software program.

The company also offers services to the Cuban private and cooperative sectors, in tune with ongoing economic transformations in the country.

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