Cuban Seafood Exports To Reach 70 Million USD This Year

pesca-cubaHavana, Nov 7 (Prensa Latina) With some 60 million USD in earnings so far this year, the export of Cuban fishery products is expected to reach 70 million USD, said General Director of the export/import firm Caribex, Esther Alejo.

The expert told Prensa Latina that the revenue expected in the months to come responds mainly to contracts with regular clients from Japan, Canada, Central America and European countries like Spain, Italy and France.

Important import/suppliers worldwide are clients of Caribex, which sells lobsters, shrimps, tench, live elvers, spounges, shark fins and frozen sea cucumber, among other goods, said Alejo.

She added that these regular clients include the European corporations Pescafina and Pescanova, and the Japanese Maruha Michiru.

According to the Caribex representative, the greatest potentials to increase sales relays on cultured goods, like shrimp, as fishing in the shelf waters of Cuba is done under strict criteria of economic and environmental rationality.

Only the sales of cultured shrimp in the international market could mean this year over 12 million USD in revenues, she said.

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