Cuban Rum Looking to Expand Asian Market Share

Havana, Cuba, Sep 17.- The Director of Marketing & Exports for the Cuban Rum Corporation SA, Jorge Cardoso, said today that the Cuban rum has begun to break into the Asian market, backed by its high quality.

Cardoso is participating in the Latin American and Caribbean Food Industry Expo/Fair (SIAL-CUBA, 2014), as part of the Sixth Latin American and Caribbean Congress on Safe, Quality Foods, attended by 500 specialists from 15 countries.

At the meeting, held in this city’s convention center September 15-19, Cardoso explained that despite the difficulties in penetrating this complicated region, his company has managed to sell around 15,000 cases of rum in Asian markets.

He also said that Europe continues to be the main market for Cuban rum, but at the same time the company has been able to enter the Asian countries, where usually whiskeys, cognacs and other spirits from Western companies are consumed.

Looking for a better positioning of the portfolio of those Cuban products there and due to the fact that there is no real rum culture in that area, Cuba Ron will still need to do further promotion, he said.

This company is trying to increase exports of high-quality Cuban rum to Asian nations, especially for the end of the year.

Cardoso said that Cuban rum is selling well in southern Latin America, particularly in Chile and Argentina, and the company is seeking a stronger position in Mexico.

Cuba Ron S.A. is the production company for the best known Cuban alcoholic beverages and holder of the most faithful traditions of that kind of culture, an inseparable part of Cuban culture.

The best known Cuban rum is Havana Club, but the portfolio is extensive with about a dozen important productions, including Santiago and Mulata.

Countries such as Italy and Germany, are strong developing markets for such sales, according to reports provided by other rum companies in this country. (Prensa Latina)

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