Cuban residents in Panama underscore effects of the US blockade

Panama, Sep 18 (Prensa Latina) The Marti Association of Cuban Residents in Panama (AMCRP) on Monday delivered a letter to Foreign Minister Janaina Tewaney thanking her for rejecting the United States blockade against their homeland.

The diplomat presented Panama’s stance in her speech before the plenary session of the Summit of the heads of State and/or Government of G77+China group, held in Havana on September 15-16.

In his address, Tewaney pointed out that Panama opposes unilateral measures, as it has expressed at other forums, a principle that she reiterated in the context of the analysis of the achievements in technology, science and innovation, where “there is no room for unilateral measures such as the blockade that still affects our Cuban brothers.”

She pointed out that it is essential that we recognize that although we all have access to the same development opportunities, timely access to the same global financing methods and mechanisms is necessary to provide benefits to the peoples.

“It is necessary to operate under the same conditions and rules,” she remarked at the time.

In its letter, the AMCRP explained that the condemnation of the unjust economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by Washington on Cuba has been a permanent demand by the vast majority of Cuban residents abroad, including those who live in Panama.

Washington’s cruel policy is the main obstacle to Cuba’s economic development, according to the letter, to which Prensa Latina had access.

In this regard, the AMCRP mentioned an example of the implementation of the strategy of economic suffocation, the situation of Panama’s banking financial system that prevents transactions between both countries.

Our compatriots here have serious limitations to send remittances to their relatives in Cuba through banks, while entrepreneurs in Cuba cannot pay their suppliers in Panama through this means, also affecting local business people, the letter states.

On the other hand, the document pointed out that these measures of economic pressure on nations in the region add to the causes of the migration crisis that is taking place on the continent, so speaking out against them strongly as they have done also means to attack the root of a phenomenon that affects Panama directly and seriously.

The AMCRP also conveyed the will of the community of Cuban residents here to denounce the unilateral measures and strengthen the ties of brotherhood between both nations.


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