Cuban residents in Panama condemn US blockade on Cuba

Panama, Oct. 6 (Prensa Latina) The Marti’s Association of Cuban Residents in Panama today condemned the hostility of the US government against the island, implemented through the blockade and activation of the Helms-Burton Act.

In a public statement, the group makes reference to the usual rhetoric of lies used by the current administration of Donald Trump to exacerbate this policy, try to surrender an entire people and force changes in the system of the Greater of the Antilles.

‘We strongly condemn these maneuvers for their extraterritorial and genocidal character, which threaten an entire nation, including those who live outside its borders, who also suffer from its cruel effects.

‘We condemn the false accusations against our country of militarily supporting Venezuela and defend the will of both governments to cooperate in the areas they consider necessary, as well as in the right to self-determination of their peoples,’ the text refers.

The manifesto also expresses solidarity and unrestricted support to the line drawn by the highest leadership of the Caribbean nation, in order to consolidate the economic bases for the well-being of the population in a prosperous and sustainable way.

Finally, the statement assures ‘we will continue to be faithful to Marti’s ideals, loaded with great Latin American, anti-imperialist and patriotic sentiment to defend the sovereignty of our beloved Cuban land.’


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