Cuban residents in Mexico join caravan against US blockade

Mexico, Apr 25 (Prensa Latina) The Jose Marti Association of Cuban Residents in Mexico is participating in the Galactic Mega Caravan in this capital to demand an end to the United States blockade against Cuba, one of its leaders told Prensa Latina on Sunday.

Activist Olivia Garza Joa stated that the residents in Mexico City joined their compatriots in Cancun, as they have done in other Mexican regions, to express their rejection of the sanctions against the Cuban family and to establish Bridges of Love.

She explained that the conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow them this time to participate in the caravan in person, but we wanted to participate and we made it virtually to say that the Cuban residents in Mexico and their families reject the criminal economic, financial and economic blockade against our country.

According to Joa, the participants’ voices joined the demand to US President Joe Biden to lift the 242 measures that tightened the blockade and begin to restore relations with Cuba as they were before Donald Trump.

We support, she pointed out, the initiatives carried out by Professor Carlos Lazo where love for the Cuban family prevails, remittances are allowed and the embassy is reopened in Havana.

It is time to end the blockade that has violated the human rights of all Cubans for almost six decades, she concluded.


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