Cuban residents abroad raise their voices in defense of Cuba

Havana, Nov 18 (Prensa Latina) For Vivian Paneque, a Cuban writer who lives in France, raising her voice in defense of her country is an imperative amid the smear campaigns against the process of transformations being done in Cuba.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina, in a sideline of the 4th Conference on the Nation and Emigration, the president of the “Entre Comillas” Latin American Association in the city of Saint-Étienne said that this kind of meeting unites and strengthens the efforts in favor of the Revolution.

I never left Cuba, I only live a little far away, stated the coordinator of Cuban residents in France, who assured that she has carried her country in her heart.

Hence, she has turned the dissemination of the truth of the Revolution into a life task in the face of the lies that swarm on social networks and in major media to damage the image of the Revolution and distort the achievements made with great sacrifices.

She confessed that before participating in these kinds of meetings she felt alone, until she began to contact other compatriots who live in several European cities.

I have not visited Cuba for seven years, and I have seen love for Cuba, and I see the desire for change, but not for government. What must change is the hostile policy of the United States against Cuba and the unjust and suffocating blockade should be lifted, she noted.

Paneque has been threatened with death for her activism in favor of Cuba, but that has not discouraged her, and her goal is to make that work more and more effective.

She said that every day the ties of Cubans abroad with her country, and with each other, grow; and she added that she felt pleasantly impressed by the number of people from all over the world who made an effort to attend this meeting, which will be successful, she predicted.

During the weekend, around 400 participants from 50 countries will discuss the links with their nation of origin and the prospects of that relationship, as well as migration issues and others related to culture and identity, economic development and investments.

The 4th Conference on the Nation and Emigration coincides with the 45th anniversary of the first of these meetings, which took place in 1978, and with the 2nd “Cuba va Conmigo” (Cuba Goes with Me) Cultural Festival, which was held recently with the participation of dozens of Cuban artists and intellectuals who reside overseas.


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