Cuban Provinces Affected by Storm Alberto Recovering

Havana, May 31 ( Prensa Latina) Several provinces in central and western Cuba are now undertaking recovery strategies following the devastation caused by the subtropical storm Alberto, which caused heavy losses in those regions.

According to the authorities of Cienfuegos, in the central zone of the country, the main actions are aimed at recovering the agricultural production which was submerged, and to solve the damage to the houses.

In this regard, local authorities emphasized the need to prioritize the local marketing of construction materials.

They are working equally well to control the spill of some 12,000 cubic meters of oily water from the Camilo Cienfuegos oil refinery in the bay, a situation that has caused pollution in some areas.

Authorities from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment assess the impact of the incident, which occurred when part of the hydrocarbon waste treatment system collapsed due to heavy rains and floods.

The local press reports that the reservoirs were filled with 124 percent of the water, down to 102 percent, allowing 11 of the 24 affected supply systems to be re-established.

However, difficulties persist in the Damují dam, so work is underway to rehabilitate the six engines.

On the other hand, Matanzas and Pinar Del Río provinces also remain focused on recovery actions after the gradual improvement of the weather conditions.

In the first of these territories, school activities will be resumed after the return of the persons living in these facilities to their homes.

According to Raul Hernandez, provincial director of education, however , some of these centers will not be able to reopen for the time being due to major problems, which will lead to the search for temporary alternatives to continue the teaching process in homes and public institutions in the community,

The president of the Provincial Defense Council, Teresa Rojas, stressed the need to properly certify the more than 80 damaged homes, to speed up the granting of subsidies.

In the same way, work is being done to restore electricity flow in some areas, to drain the fields, and losses in various crops, tobacco and other productions are being accounted for.

In Pinar Del Río, the president of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in the municipality of Pinar del Río, Roberto Diaz, said that intensive work is being done on the road to the town of La Coloma, which was damaged by the rains.

In addition, Diaz said the damage to the affected houses is being assessed and ways are being sought to guarantee the supply of drinking water to the population.

On the various crops, the director of that branch in the western province, Sergio Travieso, remarked 921 hectares of food, vegetables and grains are reported with total losses, while 3,428 have partial damage.

Therefore,’ Travieso emphasized, ‘the main objective is to rescue what is possible and move it to the city.

In turn, the general director of the Integral and Tobacco Company of the municipality of Consolacion del Sur, Luis Cruz, said that 200,000 cujes of tobacco are affected by the humidity; and the 141 cure houses remain evacuated.

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