Cuban President supports call by artists and intellectuals

Havana, Oct 16 (Prensa Latina) President Miguel Diaz-Canel today highlighted that over 1,100 people have signed in support of the appeal by intellectuals and artists of Cuba, which was issued several days ago in La Jiribilla cultural magazine.

In Twitter, the President pointed out that this sovereign and dignified document defends the essence of the Cuban nation and has the support of 90 thinkers and social fighters from 16 countries such as France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela.

Among the international personalities are: journalist Ignacio Ramonet, writer Frei Betto, philosopher Fernando Buen Abad, political scientist Atilio Borón, anthropologist Hector Diaz, singer Cecilia Todd, theater director Manuel Santos and economist Geraldina Colotti.

The message expresses the commitment of intellectuals, artists and journalists of the island, based on ideals and patriotic principles.

It also recognizes the unrestricted support of subscribers to independence, sovereignty and anti-imperialism and their certainty in building a more united society, based on the full dignity of man, one of the proclamations of the apostle Jose Marti.

At the same time, the call rejects the distortion by hegemonic and social media of the “hard and heroic reality of Cuba these days” and rejects “messages that incite violence and support the blockade, contrary to the interests and wishes of the homeland”.


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