Cuban President reaffirms message of peace and respect for Cuba

Havana, Jul 15 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel on Thursday reaffirmed his message of peace and respect for his country, while strongly rejecting and condemning the economic US blockade due to its negative impact on Cuba´s economy.

On Twitter, President Díaz-Canel reaffirmed his disposition not to hand over all efforts, independence or sovereignty conquered with the Revolution.

‘Citizen peace, respect, solidarity among compatriots and others in need worldwide, saving Cuba to go on building, growing, dreaming and attaining the greatest possible prosperity. That´s our message for our people,’ he tweeted.

On Wednesday, Díaz-Canel claimed that peace prevails in Cuba despite the campaign of hatred and lies by the media terrorism crusade unleashed for destabilization.

‘Blockade exceeds any desire, it delays us, it does not allow us to progress at pace we need, causing that, even though we act on our problems, those remaining unsolved in relation to difficulties that are solved accumulate.’he added.

The Cuban people, however, act with courage and fearlessness to confront the Jul. 11 destabilization riots.

Likewise, the Cuban president called for harmony, unity, responsibility, solidarity and love, in the face of what he regarded as a campaign of lies with threats, defamations and instigations to murder orchestrated from social networks.

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