Cuban President Praises Country’s Journalism

Press Day was celebrated on Monday. Mar. 14, 2022.
Press Day was celebrated on Monday. Mar. 14, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@EmbacubaAntigua

On Monday, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel praised Cuban journalism in celebration of Day of the Press in the country.

March 14 (teleSUR) Cuba celebrates Day of the Press this Monday, President Miguel Diaz-Canel extolled Cuban journalism and its commitment to upholding truth, justice, and revolution.

Via Twitter, the Cuban President remarked on the 130th anniversary of the foundation of Patria newspaper by Jose Marti, the National Hero.

“A day of celebration and reflection, this March 14. For the 130 years of Patria and the challenges of the Cuban press in the current hour of #Cuba. We are honored to accompany revolutionary journalism when it declares: #HacemosPatria,” the President posted on his Twitter account.

On the occasion, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez also labeled the Cuban press as brave, committed, and a faithful defender of truth in light of the lies and manipulation of information by Western media. “With Marti’s ethics as the path of Cuban journalism, #HacemosPatria (#WeDoHomeland) in the face of those who do not cease in their efforts to destroy the Revolution,” the Cuban FM tweeted.

To honor the date of appearance of this important newspaper, since the early 1990s, March 14 has been celebrated as Cuban Press Day. Our congratulations to all Cuban press professionals.

March 14, Cuba celebrates Day of the Press, honoring the historical date where the first issue of the newspaper Patria, founded by José Martí, saw the light of day. It was in that edition that the foundations of the Cuban Revolutionary Party were published.

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