Cuban president calls IX Summit of the Americas a US show

Havana, Jun 8 (Prensa Latina) The IX Summit of the Americas, which is taking place until next Friday in the United States, is a show to advertise Washington’s domestic politics, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel emphasized on Wednesday.

In a special radio and television broadcast, the president affirmed that Washington lacks real interest in addressing the most serious and immediate problems of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples.

Likewise, the Joe Biden administration took advantage of its position as host to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, as well as representatives of Cuba’s civil society from the People’s Summit, he said.

The head of State pointed out that Washington lacks understanding of the problems and needs of Latin America and the Caribbean, “whose peoples have accumulated thirst for justice, suffer underdevelopment and growing inequality, and can no longer tolerate the continuous theft of their natural wealth and the exploitation of their workers.”

The US Government also ignores that the nations of the area reject Washington’s pressure and interference to force sovereign countries to adopt policies that benefit large transnational corporations, Diaz-Canel remarked.

For all these reasons, the Cuban president insisted that the action plan drawn up at the regional meeting will not be in keeping with the urgencies of the area, nor will it seek a solution to problems such as irregular migration, the fight against climate change, profound inequality and expressions of discrimination.

The IX Summit of the Americas, which began on Monday, has scheduled high-level sessions for Thursday and Friday, but there are still uncertainties as to how many leaders will attend.


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