Cuban president assesses advances for power grid recovery

Santiago de Cuba, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Friday assessed progress of a strategy to recover the national grid, during a visit to the Antonio Maceo Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE, in Spanish).

Talking to workers, the Cuban leader heaped praise on employees´ hard work, focused on sustaining present demand and completing maintenance in the units in operation.

According to the Presidency´s official Twitter account, the inclusion of Unit-6 is scheduled for coming Saturday, with which CTE must scale up its generation up to 244 Mwh, 64% of installed capacity.

Díaz-Canel noted that the inclusion of this unit is the first action to recover the national grid.

At present, the thermoelectric plant, also known as Renté, is producing 187 MWh, in other words, 49% of its capacity.

Cuba is going through a hard situation in this sector, with breakdowns in several thermoelectric plants and daily deficits in generation.

On Thursday, Diaz-Canel showed up on television condemning the economic, commercial and financial US blockade that hinders Cuba´s access to energy markets.

However, the president emphasized that his country always finds pathways to solve these impacts, and reported on an agreement that will allow several investments, which will provide more stability to the national grid.


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