Cuban President and Vice-President Exchange with Heads of Provincial Governments

Photo: Tony Hernández Mena.

Photo: Tony Hernández Mena.

July 9 (Radio Reloj) HAVANA, Cuba. – The meeting with Presidents of the Assemblies of People´s Power in the provinces and the Isle of Youth Special Municipality, as part of the system of work of the President of the National Assembly, Esteban Lazo Hernandez, concluded this Saturday in the Havana Capitol. Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez and Salvador Valdes Mesa, President and First Vice-president of the Councils of State and Ministers, respectively, attended the meeting.

The meeting dealt with issues of state budget control, whose settlement for last year will also be on the agenda of legislators when they meet next July 21.

In analyzing the measures taken in the territories for the management of the budget, the need to prepare more and better the cadres and officials on the main tool for governance was stressed; and they insisted on talking more about this in municipalities and mainly with the people.

The participants learned and analyzed some corruption facts detected in fiscal and police operations that evidence serious violations and indisciplines, which have a direct negative impact on budget, and show work styles distanced from the base, from the places the finances are managed, precisely where difficulties and also the positive experiences are.

Regarding the solution of approaches registered by delegates, Lazo Hernandez called to consider not only the number, but the type of approaches and the number of benefited electors, and highlighted the transcendence of keeping more alive than ever the link with the community, to know the people´s criteria on production and services and to give them immediate response.

There were many statements following the implementation of the Council of Ministers ‘ Agreement Nr. 8223, which provided for the implementation – in the provincial and municipal Administration Councils – of the position of Vice-President for that body, which performs functions delegated by the President of the corresponding Assembly.

The meeting also served to learn about the plans and programs the territories have prepared for the summer.

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