Cuban President Affirms a Better World Is Possible with Education

Havana, Feb 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel affirmed Friday that education is the basis to build a better world for all.

‘Today we will be at the conclusions of the educational event, to confirm that in Pedagogy as in the Revolution, there is no rupture, there is continuity. We continue committing to a better possible world and we believe that the basis of that desire is education’, the Head of State wrote on Twitter @DiazCanelB.

The Cuban President will attend Friday the closing of the 16th International Congress Pedagogy 2019 to be held in the Havana Conference Center.

Cuban leader once explained that education is an issue that concerns Cuban society, so its improvment must be achived with everyone´s effort.

He insisted on the importance of the teachers´methodological preparation, giving the necessary attention to the teaching staff and of enriching the planning.

The main postulates, in his opinion, are to defend the quality of teaching, to do more methodological work from the bottom up, to enjoy the networking benefits and to practice pedagogy in a creative way.

He stressed that teachers must distinguish themselves by reading, investigating, and spreading the ideas of the Cuban National Hero, Jose Marti, the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro and the revolutionary leader, Raul Castro.

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