Cuban PM highlights opportunities for cooperation with China

Beijing, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) Prime Minister Manuel Marrero met on Wednesday with the staff of the Cuban Embassy in China to discuss matters of national interest and bilateral cooperation.

The Cuban head of Government referred to the tense economic situation in Cuba due to the United States’ blockade, the 243 additional measures taken by then President Donald Trump, the country’s inclusion on the unilateral State Sponsors of Terrorism list and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Marrero updated the diplomats on some measures taken by the Government to energize Cuba’s business environment, attract foreign investment and release the productive forces with the participation of all economic stockholders.

In that regard, he urged his compatriots to do everything possible with efficiency and determination to implement the consensus reached between Cuba and China to deepen bilateral cooperation as soon as possible.

He referred to the potential of closer multi-sector collaboration that elevates economic and commercial relations to the same level as the excellent political ties.

“Both countries are good friends, colleagues and brothers,” Chinese President Xi Jinping told me during a meeting at which the two parties talked about the need to boost cooperation in different areas,” Marrero pointed out.

At another time, he met via videoconference with Cuban doctors who are rendering their services in four Chinese provinces, and expressed interested in learning about their work, experiences and living conditions.

Dr. Janiet Cote, who works in Qinghai, described her experience of working with Muslim populations and people from Tibet as personally and professionally enriching.

“Their habits and the longevity that characterizes this region make these people suffer from several chronic diseases, making us work hard to control diabetes and high blood pressure mainly,” said the ophthalmologist, who has specialized in the retina.

Cote described this mission, in which she has been involved for four years and during which she has been able to update her scientific knowledge and learn the use of high technology better as challenging.

In turn, Dr. Yemila Estévez, who works in Lanzhou, stressed that it has been a challenge to identify the phenotypic and anatomical characteristics of the Chinese population, a necessary issue for her specialty.

Marrero expressed the Cuban people’s pride for having them and hundreds of other Cuban experts in different missions around the world, an idea of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, to bring health care to more people.

The prime minister will end his official visit to China on Thursday, during which he met with China’s top leaders and business people, and visited places of economic, historic and cultural interest.


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