Cuban Playwright’s Work to Premiere in the United States

Matanzas, Cuba.- Cuban theater company Tentempié will travel to the U.S. to stage the play “Deporte Nacional” (National Sports) by local playwright Jesús del Castillo.

The play was granted the theatre award in a contest sponsored by the Providence Community Library and the Cuban Cultural Association in Rhode Island.

The first edition of the event was dedicated to Cuban National Hero José Martí’s 160th anniversary and U.S. poet and essayist Howard Lovecraft, local media reported.

Organizers of the event highlighted the quality of the play that bested the proposals from 47 U.S. states and almost every other country in the region.

The play goes beyond the topic of Cuban sports and Cubans’ passion for baseball. It also focuses on topics like friendship, family and human solidarity, Castillo added.

During its stay in the United States, the company will also perform the play “Pueblito de Cuentos” and participate in the launching of the book “Cuban Theater in two pieces,” said TV Yumurí.


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