Cuban Parliament with Broad Presence of Neighborhood Representatives

Havana, Feb 26 (Prensa Latina) The National People’s Power Assembly in Cuba will have municipal representatives in neighborhood meetings among its 605 legislators elected, a parliamentary official said today.

National Assembly staff member, Carlos Rafael Fuentes, told Prensa Latina that the 168 municipalities of the country, no matter how small the territory is, will have at least one representative in the entity that lives, works and was elected at the grassroots.

Fuentes recalled that as of September 2017, and as part of the 2017-2018 elections in the island, about 12,515 delegates to the municipal assemblies (councilors) were nominated in the communities.

‘These nominations at the neighborhood level show the purity and cleanliness of our democratic system, our political system,’ the candidate for legislator in the March 11 elections said, in which 605 members of the Cuban parliament and the delegates to the provincial assemblies will be elected.

This concept is not similar in other parts of the world, he said.

According to the Electoral Law in in Cuba, up to 50 percent of the total candidates to the parliament and the provincial people’s power assemblies could be elected among the councilors.

The present legislature, which will conclude on April 19, if 605 legislators are elected by the population, a 47.4 percent of them were elected in neighborhood meetings.

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