Cuban Parliament Thanks International Solidarity with the Five

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 19 (acn) The Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP by its Spanish acronym) thanked today in plenary, all parliamentarians and legislators of the world for their support to the cause of the Cuban Five.

In the presence of Raul Castro, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, a proposal from the International Relations Committee of the Parliament of the Caribbean nation, the 546 deputies present unanimously approved the statement read by the legislator Yolanda Ferrer Gómez.

We fully support the recent speech of President Raul Castro said Ferrer Gomez at the Havana Conventions Palace, while stressing the joy of Cubans at the news of the return to the Homeland of Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labañino, after a long battle for justice.

She also noted that they had fulfilled the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro when in June 2001 said, “They will return”, a term that guided so many years of struggle.

The declaration adopted also thanked the governments and solidarity groups who have taken as their own the cause of The Five, who are symbol of dignity of the Cuban people.

This battle has been won by dint of principles, steadfastness, perseverance and international solidarity, the deputy said.

Last December 14th the XIII ALBA-TCP was held in Havana, in which the tenth anniversary of the integration mechanism was commemorated.

In that sense the ANPP, welcomes the important date and pays tribute to the twentieth anniversary of the historic meeting between leaders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

The deputies also pledged to defend the founding principles of the Alliance, promoter of cooperation and integration of the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean in search of a prosperous and sustainable development of the region.

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