Cuban minister reaffirms commitment to unity among NAM members

Havana, Jun 4 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Minister of Labor and Social Security Marta Elena Feito on Friday reaffirmed her country’s commitment to the unity and cooperation of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) during a virtual meeting.

Organized within the 109th meeting of the Conference of the International Labor Organization (ILC-ILO), the event became a space for dialogue and agreement for NAM members, the Cuban minister noted.

‘Today more than ever, global unity, solidarity and international cooperation are necessary; to put aside the political differences and eliminate the unilateral coercive measures that violate International Law and the United Nations Charter,’ Feito said.

About this issue, the minister rejected the provisions that limit the states’ ability to effectively fight the pandemic.

The ILO is in a position to contribute to fight the devastating effects of Covid-19 on societies, the economies, the livelihoods of workers, their families and the world of work in general, she stated.

Faced with the new challenges, Cuba aims to protect ILO from political manipulation attempts that endanger the spirit of dialogue and cooperation to promote workers’ rights, Feito concluded.


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