Cuban Medical Institution Declared a National Monument

10942608_10205156736172997_2089518049379108981_n[1]HAVANA, Feb 4 (Prensa Latina) — The “Victoria de Giron” Basic and Pre-clinic Sciences Institute, leading center in Cuba for the training of highly qualified professionals in medicine, has been declared National Monument.

The recognition takes place on occasion of the 53rd anniversary of its foundation, occurred in 1962 by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, to massively train revolutionary physicians and dentists responding to the massive exodus of professionals to the United States.

Characterized by its architectural beauty, the center, located at an eclectic architectural and historic building in Havana, belongs to the University of Medical Sciences.

About 80,000 students from 91 countries have passed for their classrooms in careers such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, health technology and medical psychology.

The institute has provided valuable contributions to the technical training of nurses and technologists, also in post-graduate teaching through the modalities of specialties, diploma courses, masters and PhD courses, among others.

Among the historic events linked to the site is that the first internationalist mission to Algeria departed from there in 1963, made up of some of its professors.

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