Cuban Medical Hydrology and Climatology Extolled in Kazakhstan

Astana, Sep 30 (Prensa Latina) Director of Cuba’s National Rehabilitation Health Program, Dr. Maritza Leyva, said here today that medical hydrology and climatology contribute significantly to the quality of life of the country’s population.

In her presentation during the 60th General Assembly of the International Federation of Medical Hydrotherapy and Climatology (Femtec), Leyva highlighted the usefulness of these specialties, mainly in elderly patients.

In her presentation, the expert cited examples that called the attention of scientists attending the meeting and referred to functions, projections and achievements of rehabilitation in Cuba.

Meanwhile, Doctor Rafael Ledesma, President of the Cuban Medical Hydrology Society, referred to how this type of treatment and climatology are crucial in the prevention and relief of chronic illnesses.

He gave details about the importance of thermal therapy centers in the treatment of several illnesses and their economic impact on improving the patients’ quality of life.

The two experts considered important to Cuba to update its knowledge about the application of the curative effects of spa waters and the treatments with hydrology.

Cuban Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Carlos Valdes, suggested to hold the next General Assembly of Femtec in Havana in view of Cuba’s internationally recognized achievements in public health.


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