Cuban Medical Devices and Natural Products Attract Attention

FIHAT 2014Havana, Nov 6 (Prensa Latina) A wide array of natural products and medical equipment were the focus of attention for foreign businesspeople at the Havana International Fair (FIHAV 2014).

The General Director of Dalmer Laboratories, doctor Rafael Gamez, told Prensa Latina that besides their star product Policosanol, mixture of serous substances obtained from sugar cane, popularly known as PPG, they also have Abexol, an antioxidant with beneficial effects on the gastroduodenal mucose.

A mixture of alcohols extracted from bee wax is a product with great demand in Cuba, Australia and South Korea, for its protective effect on gastric mucose, said Gamez.

Another natural product extracted from sugar cane wax is Prevenox, an extract of acids with high molecular weight and a positive effect on reducing bone deterioration, useful in the prevention of osteoporosis.

The Vasoactol, extract of sugar cane wax reports improvement in physical activity of the elderly, with antioxidant effects and metabolism regulation of fats, added Gamez.

The marketing company of the Center of National Scientific Investigations (Cenic) also has a line of investigation based on the use of ozone for medical purposes, in industrial and household equipment for water treatmnent, ozone-therapy, ozoned soaps and oils for skin treatment, as well as eliminate parasites like giardiasis and mouth sores.

The PPG has increasing sales in Russia, China, South Korea and Venezuela for its efficient reduction of cholesterol in blood and increases good cholesterol with antioxidizing effects, improving the composition of atherosclerotic plaque, improving peripheric blood circulation.

Among the products of the Central Institute of Digital Investigation shown at the Combiomed stand in Fihav 2014, interest by foreign companies was placed on digital portable cardiographs like Cardiocid BB, D200, of 12 channels, connection

through USB, LAN and RS232, as well as e-mail.

Also the defibrillator, Cardiodef 2, a portable appropriate equipment to operate in urgency rooms, surgery rooms or medical consultation rooms, including outdoor urgencies.

In the Havana Fair grounds of Expocuba, an electrocardiographic monitor by telemetry Movicorde, used in the rehabilitation of coronary patients and also eventually used for the control of athletes�preparation in training centers.

There is also on exhibition an electric stimulator for preventing and curing ulcers, those created by cytostatic therapy, diabetic ulcers and healing of postsurgery wounds.

The Havana Fair is the most important of Cuba and the Caribbean, as well as one of the most representative fairs in Latin America, visited by some four thousand businesspeople of over 60 countries and numerous official delegations of governments, chambers of commerce and other related institutions.

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