Cuban Medical Brigade Arrives in Maracaibo to Fight Covid-19

July 12 (Orinoco Tribune) The binational Cuba-Venezuela cooperation remains as strong as ever through its international health program, which is why this Wednesday, July 8, a new contingent of doctors from the Ché Guevara Medical Brigade arrived in the city of Maracaibo, adding to previous delegations in the necessary task of confronting and cutting off Covid-19 vectors in the locality.

At La Chinita International Airport, the 47 health professionals were received by Mayor Willy Casanova, accompanied by the Executive Director, César Garrido, the director of Health Maracaibo, Lismar Rojas and the head of the Social Missions in Zulia, Jorge Luis Vásquez

“Thank you, men and women who know how to put aside fear, worries, particular and personal interests, to bring forward something that is very sublime and sacred, such as solidarity between peoples,” Casanova told the delegation, as reported in the press release from the mayor’s office in Maracaibo, Zulia state.

This group represents the fourth brigade sent to the Maracaibo municipality and the sixth to arrive in the country, at the instructions of the president of the republic, Nicolás Maduro. The doctors will immediately join the 159 colleagues who remain distributed in the 54 sectors with the highest presence of positive cases, whose mission is to delve into house-to-house sweeps to achieve early detection of patients, along with the Venezuelan medical team that meets daily to monitor epidemiological behavior and study its different dimensions.

The brigade is made up of specialists in clinical laboratory, podiatry, nursing, endoscopy, internists, technicians and general practitioners, prepared to strengthen the actions that are being carried out in the Zulia capital, with emphasis on the outbreak of Las Pulgas market, from which daily new cases are confirmed linked to the pandemic.

Featured image: Cuban medical brigad arrivin at the Chinita International Airport in Maracaibo to fight against a Covid-19 outbreak.

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