Cuban Livestock Business Portfolio Attracts European Investors

Havana, Mar 24 (Prensa Latina) The promotion of business opportunities in the Cuban livestock portfolio made progress among European businesspeople who attended the 22nd International agroindustrial and food Fair (Fiagrop-2019), which closes today in this city.

According to statements made to Prensa Latina, the director of the mercantile society Ganaderia S.A., Maria Dolores Rivero, it is expected due to advanced negotiations, between six and eight joint ventures for meat production of pig and poultry will be constituted in the country during 2019.

The closest to be signed will allow the instauration of two entities for pig meat production in the provinces of Villa Clara and Cienfuegos, both in the center of the country, with financing contributed by Danish associates.

Rivero also said there are other parties interested by Danish businesspeople to invest in milk production.

Besides Denmark, companies of Germany and Spain show great interest to finance the production of pork and poultry meat.

If these could seem the most attractive, other projects present in the Cuban business portfolio interested participants at the recent Fiagrop fair.

In that case is, for example, Spanish businessman David Herranz who, after having started a program of collaboration in rabbit-breeding with producers in the western part of the country, decided to bet for a project of international economic association between his company and the Cuban Enterprise of Sheep, Pigs and Goats (Egame).

He said that the cooperation project created at the beginning in the province of Mayabeque made him think on a lasting alliance.

At present we are thinking all our possibilities in the country ansd think turning what we have today into an association for several years in order to increase production levels in this area.

In the businessman’s opinion, regulations standing in the country gives us the guarantees necessary to decide in investing.

Herranz considers Cuba has great potential for development in this area and excellent human resources. An example of it, is the celebration of this fair which has been very successful.

Fiagrop dedicated this edition which opened on March 16, attended by almost 200 exhibitors, 450 leading ranchers and delegates from over 20 countries.


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