Cuban Hip-Hop Symposium To Theorize on “Moña”

Havana, Aug 11 (Prensa Latina) The International Hip-Hop Symposium will devote its tenth edition to unravel the multiple meanings of Moña,which is a Cuban version of US Hip-Hop, as this understimated urban genre is called in Cuba.
From this Thursday and for three days, this event combining concerts and workshops offers a varied program to understand, among other things, why hip-hop still carries the marginal stigma here.

In fact, the venue of the presentations and meetings has the significant name of “La Madriguera”, where the Hermanos Saiz Association of young artists is located in the capital.

According to the organizers, the Symposium will host workshops and spaces to dialogue with defenders of Cuban hip-hop, besides the concerts and presentations of audiovisuals.

The opening concert will be a tribute to moña in the Palace of la Rumba, with “Primera Base”, a pioneer Cuban rap band, and the groups “Ondalivre” and “Ruta 11” (nominated to the Award Cubadisco 2014).

In upcoming presentations, “La Alianza”, “Brebaje Man”, “Escuadrón Patriota”, “Hermanos de Causa”, “Golpe Seko”, “Adverzario”, “Doble Filo”, “Maikel el Fonky”, “Osadía”, and “Jimi Konclaze”, among others, will also perform.

While “Orishas” -before “Amenaza”- is considered the most international Cuban hip-hop group, in the nation there is a rap movement that survives and refuses to be compared to reggaeton.

In fact, a very solid band such as “Obsesión” told Prensa Latina that once reggaeton was promoted to, in some way, silence the harsher speech of Cuban rap.

Therefore, “Moñeros” (moña Hip-Hop Cuban singers) remain faithful to this way of counting their reality, Cubanizing a genre born in other countries, but that works because it shares essence and concerns.


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