Cuban Hero Urges to Strengthen Use of Networks to Fight for Venezuela

Caracas, Sep 17 (Prensa Latina) The president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Fernando Gonzalez, noted here the contribution that social networks can make today to defend the countries” truth.

The Cuban social activist, who is participating in the international event We All Are Venezuela, told local media that those alternative communication platforms have been used to attack Venezuela, but they can become spokespersons for the reality in this South American nation.

Gonzalez, one of the so-called Cuban Five, noted that in those networks, the war is intense, but they are also means to spread the truth ‘to people who receive distorted information’, he added.

Interviewed by the program La Hojilla, broadcast by VTV, Gonzalez underlined the example of the Bolivarian Revolution, which is a guide for the processes of change in Latin America.

He went on to say that its geopolitical importance has caused a wave of unprecedented aggressions against any country.

The ICAP president noted the importance of the meeting: We All Are Venezuela: World Dialogue for Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Democracy, to strengthen the solidarity movements with the Homeland of Liberator Simon Bolivar and with all the peoples who defend democracy and sovereignty.

The event has brought together more than 200 delegates from 60 countries and will continue on Sunday, when participants will seek an efficient strategy to confront the hegemonism and the desire of domination of the empire and is right-wing acolytes.


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