Cuban Healthcare Technology Benefits Millions of Mexican Children

Havana, Aug 3 (Prensa Latina) The Diagnostic kits Cuba has given to Mexico for 14 years allowed the screening of more than seven million Mexican children and early confirmation of some 3,120 conditions in babies, the media reported today. This has made it possible to give these children a better quality of life, normal neurocognitive development and often life-saving, Aramis Sanchez, deputy director of the Center for Immunoassay (CIE) told the news website Cubadebate.

According to Sanchez, in Mexico there are 102 Cuban laboratories with the necessary equipment to detect congenital diseases in the newborn, of which 61 belong to the Mexican Social Security Institute.

Mexico is one of the countries with the highest trade rate for the SUMA technology produced in Cuba, and the results prove the beneficial impact it has had on the people of that country, he said.

As part of this collaboration, Cuba also trains staff and provides immediate technical assistance, Sanchez added.

The SUMA (Ultramicro Analytical System) technology is produced by the Immunoassay Center, which is located in Havana and is part of the business group BioCubaFarma.

According to Sánchez, Cuba is currently negotiating with the Mexican health authorities to expand their services in the nation.

Medical science has identified up to 500 varieties of chronic and degenerative conditions that may be diagnosed in the early stages of life to the realization of neonatal screening or ‘tranquility proof’.

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