Cuban Government Strengthens Ties with Residents Abroad

Havana, March 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez assured Tuesday that the Cuban government has strengthened its ties with residents abroad, a process he described as irreversible.

The official tweeted that the country will continue to strengthen and reinforce these relations, ‘in a continuous, irreversible and permanent process, which is recognized, valued and favors Cuba.’ 

According to Rodriguez, the majority of Cubans living abroad maintain a fluid and stable relationship with the embassies and consulates of Cuba.

‘Our consular service currently has 140 offices in 120 countries to ensure the care of our nationals’, he stressed.

Among the recent examples of relations between Cuba and the residents abroad is the participation of the latter in the debates on the new Constitution of the Republic, which included the opportunity to make proposals for modification, addition or elimination of the text through the Nation´s and Emigration´s website.

Havana warns that its position contrasts with the hostility of the US government, which seems steady on complicating the links between Cubans on both sides of the Straits of Florida.

On March 15, the US Charge d’Affaires in Cuba, Mara Tekach, announced that from March 18, Washington will reduce the validity of the B2 visa from five years to three months for Cuban citizens , with a single entry.

The Foreign Ministry denounced that with this decision, the northern country increases the obstacles for family visits and other purposes.


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