Cuban Foreign Ministry rejects destabilization attempts

Havana, Oct 13 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Foreign Ministry today rejected attempts to provoke the destabilization of the constitutional order of the country, through a march whose promoters are at the service of U.S. interests.

The director general of the US office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, wrote in Twitter that ‘a demonstration or march whose ostensible purpose is to lead sooner or later to the overthrow of the government cannot be authorized, even less if it is promoted in the service of the U.S.’.

The Cuban diplomat referred to the events that took place this Tuesday, when several municipal authorities denied authorization to a march called for next November, an action described as illicit and provocative.

In another message on the social network, Cossío urged to search in the history of Latin America if there is any episode in which the government of the northern nation has supported the struggles of the peoples against the oppression of oligarchic governments.

An editorial published today by Granma newspaper points out that the organizers of this event use constitutional precepts to defend anti-constitutional strategies.

The newspaper mentions that the current Magna Carta was approved only three years ago by 86.85 percent of the voters, and establishes by no means are the pronouncements on the irrevocability of the socialist system reformable.

The newspaper of largest national circulation assures that neither now nor in the future can the right to demonstrate be used to subvert the political system, to overthrow the socialist project or to establish alliances with groups and organizations that receive foreign financing, with the clear objective of promoting the interests of the government of the United States.


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