Cuban foreign minister: slander and little substance in Trump’s words

United Nations, Sep 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said today there was a lot of slander and little substance in the speech of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, before the UN General Assembly.

They were statements full of threats to the countries of the south, particularly to Our America, and what I hear among the delegations at the UN is that it was full of falsehoods and generated rejection and mocks, Rodríguez told Telesur and Prensa Latina.

Trump’s was a slanderous speech, with the handling of lies, typical of the politics and management of his Government, he said. But the accusations he launched are falsehoods that no one can believe, stressed the Cuban foreign minister.

Also, in the words of the American president, a huge inclination to the Monroe doctrine could be appreciated, and although not directly, it was a deeply macartistic speech, he considered.

He was trying to scare American voters with socialism, I feel he spoke as if he were the emperor of a new era, but he was uncomfortable in his way of acting and was hardly applauded, the high official added.

In the opinion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Trump tries to divert the attention of the international community and the American public itself from the enormous and growing internal problems in that country.

Rodriguez also referred to the fact that 158 ??congressmen ask for a political trial against Trump, and so do dozens of figures from the leadership of Congress, it seems to be a very serious matter, he noted.

In general, he concluded, today’s speech by the head of the White House was boring, more of the same, an old and mismatched speech about the reality of the United States and the international scene.

The truth, he stressed, interests me much more and received a great welcome here at the UN in the speech of the young Swedish Greta Thunberg, who spoke yesterday about climate change.

Trump, second speaker in the high-level debate of the General Assembly, repeated his attacks on countries he considers a threat to American interests and re-promoted his ‘United States first’ agenda.

He also deployed his hostility against nations that do not fall within Washington’s ‘democracy’ model or accept the pressures of his Government, such as Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The head of State again showed interference in the internal affairs of Latin American countries by saying he hopes to see the day when ‘democracy is restored’ in Venezuela, and also attacked Cuba and Nicaragua, and socialism.


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