Cuban Foreign Minister in NY for UN vote against US blockade

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 26 (acn) Cuban Foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez is already in New York for the UN General Assembly vote on the Cuban-sponsored resolution on the necessity to end economic, commercial and financial blockade that Washington has maintained against the island for over 5 decades now.

Rodriguez, who arrived Sunday in New York, will speak Tuesday at the plenary session before representatives of 193 UN member states, Pl news agency reported.

The draft resolution to be submitted to the Assembly demands the lifting of US sanctions, which have inflicted damage to Cuba estimated at over 833. 7 billion dollars, bearing in mind the devaluation of the US dollar in front of gold.

The vote, scheduled for Tuesday, will take place in an unprecedented scenario following the reestablishment on July 20 of diplomat relations between Washington and Havana, which does not imply the end of US unilateral and extraterritorial sanctions on Cuba.

The overwhelming majority of UN member states have backed the Cuban resolution over the past 20 years, with the exception of the United States and Israel, which have remained isolated as they maintained their negative vote.

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