Cuban FM says U.S.blockade threatens Cuban health and lives

Havana, June 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuba´s Foreign Affairs minister Bruno Rodríguez, said today that the economic, commercial and financial US blockade is an attempt against the heath and life of his country´s population.

The Minister pointed out on his Twitter account that the Caribbean nation faces the economic and epidemiological impacts of Covid-19, together with the opportunist strengthening of the US siege.

¨Every measure in effect from the US government affects the health and life of millions of Cubans¨, the head of the island´s diplomacy emphasized.

According to Cuban authorities, during Donald Trump ´s administration (2017-2021) 243 unilateral and coercive measures were implemented against the Antillean country, 55 from such measures in 2020, in the middle of the global crisis brought by the pandemic of Covid-19. All these dispositions are still active.

A recent report from the Ambassador´s office reveals how some of these actions had an impact on the health sector and the fight against the health emergency.

An example was the deliberate obstruction of the import of necessary supplies, as it is shown by the refusal from the US Transportation Department to requests from airlines like IBC Airways INC, and Skyway Enterprises INC to operate flights to Cuba with humanitarian aid.

To that it can be added that the Caribbean nation can not access medical technologies with more than a 10 percent of US components, while it is difficult to acquire more than 30 products and necessary supplies for the prevention and treatment of COvid-19.

It is also difficult to have access to faster and more expedite transportation logistic routes, so it forces to move the shipments with medical supplies through many countries adding extra expenses.


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