Cuban FM highlights historic and cultural ties with Africa

Havana, May 18 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) on Tuesday highlighted the historic and cultural ties with Africa in the context of Africa’s Day, on May 25.

On Twitter, Cuba’s Foreign Ministry released a video message from the acting director of the Sub-Saharan Africa Department at MINREX, Maydolis Sosa, who described that region’s customs as essential components of Cuban identity.

Sosa noted the process of symbiosis or transculturation that defined the twinning of those peoples, present in art, skin, culinary traditions, dresses and even in the courage to take on each project, she said.

‘Cuba breathes Africa; and we are proud to be heirs of the mother continent of humanity,’ Sosa emphasized in the video, which was translated into several languages. Every May 25 is celebrated the Day of Africa in homage to the founding, on that date in 1963, of the Organization of African Unity, currently the African Union.

According to MINREX, Cuba enjoys prestige in that region for its selfless contribution to the struggles for the independence and national sovereignty of its territories, and in favor of development.

In that land, 385,908 Cubans fought, many of whom were descendants of the 1.2 million slaves who were brought to Cuba from Africa, the source referred.

She underscored how, since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, Cuba ‘has practiced consistent internationalism, being faithful to its principles of solidarity towards its sister nations.’


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