Cuban Film at Latin American Film Festival in Canada

Created on Wednesday, 02 April 2014

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 2 (acn) The Cuban feature film Habanastation, by director Ian Padron, participates in the 18th edition of the Latin American Film Festival of Ottawa, organized by the Latin American embassies to that city and by the Canadian Film Institute.

Cuban Film at Latin American Film Festival in Canada

Movie “Habanastation” — funny, warm, touching

Julio Garmendia, Cuban ambassador to that nation, expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by Tom Mc Sorley, executive director of the Canadian Film Institute, the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s Web site reported.

Likewise, he highlighted the work of programmer Jerrett Zaroski, his passion for Latin American cinema and his efforts in favor of its promotion in that country.

Prior to the screening of the film, Cuban singer-songwriter Gerardo Alfonso, in a solidarity tour of the country, offered a recital with songs dedicated to Havana, which received a standing ovation from the public at the auditorium of Canada’s National Archives.

Also attending the presentation of the film was renowned Cuban actor Luis Alberto Garcia, who spoke about the love and solidarity present in the movie, as well as about characteristics of the Cuban people.

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