Cuban Fighters Condemned Attacks on French Weekly Magazine

Cuban counter-terrorists René González and Ramón Labañino expressed today their condemnation of the attack against the weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, when signing the condolence book at the French Embassy in Havana. During this act of solidarity, Labañino recalled that fighting terrorism has always been a bastion of the Cuban Revolution, which for 56 years has itself suffered from the ravages of this scourge, through bombs, attacks and pests, he said.

As counter-terrorists, he said, we know firsthand the profound pain felt by the peoples of the world. We have suffered it for many years, he stated in reference to the terrorist acts perpetrated by more than half a century against Cuba and its revolution resulting in thousands of victims.

At this time of grief for the French people we join in solidarity with them, we signed and express our support to any action that France makes to fight terrorism, he added.

f0027280[1]On 7 January, two men dressed in black and armed with an automatic rifle AK-47, broke the screaming ‘Allah is great’ in the building of the weekly magazine and opened fire before fleeing the scene, in an attack that killed 12 people.

For his part, René expressed that The Five and the Cubans in general know first hand the impact of this type of actions.

As Cubans we understand the pain of the French people, because throughout our history we had cried our victims. Hopefully this will make us think and we can build a world with more love and less hatred so that there is less terrorism, he sentenced.

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