Cuban Fencers Win Five Medals in Puerto Rico

American Fencing Championship, currently developing in Puerto Rico, a classification for the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla.

Yunior Reytor won gold and Reynier Henriquez, bronze, with Ringo Luis Quintero in the seventh position in individual epee fencing (men) in this event, in which 20 countries are participating.

In individual epee fencing (women), Yamirka Rodríguez and Seily Mendoza won silver and bronze, respectively, and in foil fencing (men), Humberto Aguilar won the title.

With these results, all of them won tickets for the regional games.

Today, they are holding competitions in individual foil fencing (women). Tomorrow, there will be team competitions. The event at Puerto Rican venues will conclude on Saturday, May 8, according to the sports website Jit.

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