Cuban Farmers Trained in Crop Protection

HAVANA, Cuba, May 23 (acn) The project Agro Vida, of the Bayer Crop Science Company in Cuba, made possible the training of over 35,000 farmers in the adequate and safe management of products for the protection of agricultural crops.

Patricia Spat, manager of the company to the Caribbean island, told ACN that this program of international cooperation also favors the environment by using agro-ecological technologies that do not damage soils.

The responsible use of biological means makes it possible to increase productivity and the quality of food cultivated by way of this method, she pointed out.

Spat said that there are presently work projects linked to tomato, onion, sugar cane and beans, rice and vegetables, among others.

Strategies involve children through the representation of theater plays, to create awareness on the good use of technologies.

Also present are the families of producers, plant health, the National Association of Small Farmers and local governments.

Bayer is a multi-national company with key competitions in sectors like health, agriculture and materials for provisions.

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