Cuban emigres celebrate US defeat at the UN

Washington, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuban and Latin American organizations of emigres in Miami, Florida, on Thursday highlighted the US defeat after the approval of a resolution that condemns its genocidal policy of blockade against Cuba, at the United Nations.

In a statement sent by Alianza Martiana to Prensa Latina, its members stressed that the current Israeli Government could not have behaved otherwise because it will run the risk of not being given the missiles ‘to continue killing so many Palestinians.’

The text recalled that 184 member states voted in favor of the resolution that condemns Washington’s unilateral sanctions; two countries voted against it (the United States and Israel) and the Brazilian, Colombian and Ukrainian governments abstained.

The activists also said that Ukranian authorities forgot how much the Cuban government and people did for their children, victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and also highlighted the servile stances of Presidents Jair Bolsoraro and Ivan Duque, from Brazil and Colombia, respectively.

The document also discussed the effects of that US policy of state terrorism, of true genocide, which is ‘an act perpetrated to totally or partially destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.’

The Alianza Martiana Coalition is made up of the Antonio Maceo Brigade; Alianza Martiana (as an individual organization); the Jose Marti Cultural Association; the Miami Bolivarian Circle, Negra Hipolita; the Women Association and Radio Miami, along with fraternal organizations such as Fornorm and PazAmor.

For the 29th time since 1992, on Wednesday, the countries of the world strongly called at the UN for the lifting of the blockade imposed on Cuba by Washington for 62 years.


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