Cuban Emigrants Support Yes to New Cuban Constitution

Washington, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) The Marti Alliance, which gathers Cuban emigration entities in the U.S. city of Miami, Florida, on Friday endorsed Yes vote to the new Constitution during the February 24 referendum in Cuba.

Without any doubt about the present and future of the Cuban nation, we support the process, highlights a statement from the Alliance, which joins the Antonio Maceo Brigade, the Jose Marti Cultural Association, the Association of Women in Defense of the Family and the Bolivarian Circle of Miami, among other organizations.

The message recalls that the United States forced in 1901 the then Cuban Constituent Assembly to include in the Constitution the so-called Platt Amendment, which granted Washington the right to invade Cuba and ceded its land for military bases.

That project ‘delivered, after 30 years of wars for independence, the sovereignty of our Homeland to the same Cuban enemy of that time that currently finances media campaigns to uselessly sow confusion and division in the Cuban people urging to vote No in the referendum,’ the Alliance says.

But, the February 24 referendum will be a victory because it will reaffirm the Cubans’ will to ‘their unwavering decision to be free’, the text states.

More than eight million Cuban citizens will vote for the destiny of that Constitution, which emerged from an analysis process with the participation of almost nine million people and more than 780,000 proposals.

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