Cuban Emigrants in U.S. Remember Jose Marti and Support Maduro

Washington, Jan 28 (Prensa Latina) Members of the Martiana Alliance, gathering Cuban emigration groups in the U.S. city of Miami, Florida, celebrated the birth of their home country”s National Hero, Jose Marti, 166 years ago this day.

At the event, held Sunday, the participants also recalled the birth of the alliance in 2001, and denounced the interventionist actions of the US Government and its allies against the administration of Venezuela’s constitutionally elected president, Nicolas Maduro.

Five days ago, in a new act of interference, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized the self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, Head of the National Assembly, Parliament in contempt.

Maduro , in the face of U.S. interference, decided to break off diplomatic relations between both nations, and denounced that Washington is leading an operation to impose a coup d’état with a puppet government.

Several speakers, said the Alliance in a note, highlighted the legacy of Marti (1853-1895), his relationship with Venezuela, and the position of that country and its legitimate leaders to face the attacks.

On the other hand, Andres Gomez, national coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, member of the alliance, referred to the importance of supporting the new Cuban Constitution in the next February 24 referendum.

He also addressed the Alliance campaign to demand the reopening of U.S. consular services in Havana and the granting of immigrant visas to Cubans eligible to obtain them.

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