Cuban embargo is costing us jobs

It is time to lift  the Cuban embargo. For more than 50 years, this embargo has hurt the people of Cuba doing little to the Cuban government. We trade with China, Vietnam and other Communist nations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone to Cuba, and has interest in drilling for oil in the Straits of Florida. The Chinese president was in Cuba earlier this month.  If this happens we will have little control of the fragile eco system of the Florida Keys.

The cost of the Cuban embargo is between $1.2 billion and $4.84 billion annually. A Texas A&M University study calculated that 6,000 American jobs could be created by lifting the embargo.

But it may be too late, and with this do-nothing Congress, we have little hope. Russia will be setting up oil drilling, spy stations and developing trade. Putin is looking to more Latin American countries that we have neglected for years. We must start now to build a strong middle-class in Central America, and turn our attention to this hemisphere.

Richard Throwe, Jewett City
The Norwich Bulletin, Opinion
July 24, 2014


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