Cuban Electoral Commission Informs Final Results of Referendum

Havana, Mar 1 (Prensa Latina) Alina Balseiro, president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), stated that about 6,816,169 people voted in favor of the new Cuban Constitution for a 78.3 percent of the voter registration lists, while reporting the final results of the national referendum.

During the Sunday elections, ‘votes against reached 706,400 for an 8.1 percent of the list and nine percent of those who voted, Balseiro informed on Friday night during the daily radio and TV Round Table program.

About 7,848,343 voters exercised their right to vote for a 90.1 percent of the updated list, and of that number, nearly 7,522,569 voters, representing 95.8 percent, were declared themselves valid for complying with the established requirements, she noted.

An updated list of 8,705,723 voters was concluded as a result of the sum of the initial part and 39,454 real inclusions.

Balseiro stated that the repetition of 594,580 voters was avoided in the electoral registration because they were on the list of their place of permanent residence and voted in another polling station.

About 3,445 deceased voters were excluded after the list was updated.

The results that are disclosed are part of an arduous, serious work, in accordance with the law of the electoral authorities and I congratulate them for their previous performance and the February 24 consultation to ratify the law of laws, Balseiro said .


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