Cuban Elections Highlighted as Great Popular Event

elecciones-cuba[1]Matanzas, Cuba, Jan 8.- Cuban elections are an event for the people. That is why we trust a massive turnout in the next voting day, said Thursday Rubén Pérez Rodríguez, vice president of the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

The State Council of Cuba called for partial elections in coming April, to choose the delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power for a period of two years and a half.

“The election of delegates, presidents and vice presidents of the municipal bodies and the leaders of the people’s councils will also mean the exercise of the power of the Cuban people, through them,” said Perez Rodriguez to Prensa Latina.

“The CEN has organizational and logistic preparation to face the electoral process, in addition to computer equipment and connectivity to meet the rigor required for these votes,” he stated.

Pérez Rodríguez expressed these statements after participating in the act of constitution of the Electoral Commission of the western province of Matanzas (CEP), a ceremony that took place simultaneously in the rest of the 14 provinces of the island.

“This constitution means making a commitment to work for transparency, a characteristic of our elections, in addition to the committees approval, among other things, the number of constituencies,” he said.

The vice president of the CEN announced that groups will be formed corresponding to the municipalities work, while for February, nomination assemblies for candidates for delegates at the base are provided.

“I remember that the People’s Power elections are the most important political and ideological activity carried out in the country,” he said.

Tania León, a member of the State Council and president of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power (Government) of Matanzas, said that the upcoming vote will strengthen the work of the people and the authentic character of the Revolution.

In 1974, Matanzas assumed, by way of experience, governance structures of the People’s Power, two years after the brightest deeds extended to the entire Caribbean nation. (Prensa Latina).

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