Cuban Education is Reference for the World

Over 2000 Cuban professors are currently working in 14 nations, while the island´s pedagogical work enjoys growing prestige, said Doctor Aida Terrero, International Relations director at the Cuban Education Ministry.

In a recent press conference, Terrero referred to an increasing interest by several governments of this region to attend to education needs of children, and in this regard she recalled that the Cuban program known as Educate your Child is being implemented in several Latin American countries, particularly to attend to children with special education needs.

The official said that some African countries as interested as well in Cuban education cooperation, particularly in terms of professional and technical training. Namibia, Ethiopia, Angola, Equatorial Guinea and Mozambique have
requested support for Agronomy, Construction and Electronic training.

Meanwhile, the battle against illiteracy is a crucial step to achieve universal access to high-quality education, with no exclusion, said the specialists who also referred to the Cuban Yes, I Can Literacy methodology, which has benefitted over 8 million people. Countries like Nicaragua, Bolivia and Venezuela have declared free of illiteracy, while others are now pursuing that goal.

In this context, Cuba will hold the 14th International Pedagogy Congress 2015, January 25 to 30, which will call for the unity of all Latin American teachers.

The event gathers professors, teachers, researchers and education directives who exchange criteria and experiences in favor of high-quality education.

Written by Cuban News Agency, Radio Cubana

November 11, 2014

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