Cuban drug against diabetic foot ulcer gains praise in the US

c215292205945806402f083b7b3ca1f1_L[1]Havana, Cuba, Apr 15.- Cuban doctor Jorge Berlanga, creator of Heberprot-B, a drug used to fight diabetic foot ulcers, said it received praise from his colleagues from all over the world.

Doctor Berlanga attended the Diabetic Foot Global Conference 2015, held in Los Angeles, United States, last March 19-21, where he explained Cuba´s experience in the treatment of the disease,

He said experts from all over the world, gathered at the event, praised the results of the use of the drug and the work of Cuban health professionals, as well as their articles published on this issue on specialized magazines.

Dotor Bengala said he reported on the works they do to detect the disease in its early stages through the Cuban Health Primary Assistance system that allowed them to identify and treat over 38,000 patients in just 7 years.

He explained on a conference in Santiago de Cuba this Tuesday that American doctors showed great interest in Heberprot-B, since between 70 to 80 thousand people undergo amputations every year in the United States, costing the health system over 30 billion dollars,

These statistics, compiled by the Atlanta´s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), show the negative impact of the diabetic foot ulcers in the quality of life of patients, he said.(can)

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