Cuban doctors to work in 15 Mexican states

Mexico City, Jul 26 (Prensa Latina) The 500 Cuban doctors hired by Mexico will work in 15 states, as part of the new health plan by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), La Jornada reported.

The newspaper noted that after Nayarit, where there are 60 physicians, other groups will go to Colima and Tlaxcala, according to Secretary of Health Jorge Alcocer.

The brigade of professionals received training on internal regulations and on the institutions they will support.

They stated that they will seek to promote and assist in the health care of Mexicans.

In addition, Alcocer said, the possibility of hiring specialists from other countries is still open. He pointed out that the objective is to have the necessary number of medical professionals to comply with international recommendations.

Estimates are also made on the time required for the training of human resources in Mexico, based on the increase in the number of medical residency positions, which this year reached 20,000.

The figure doubles the number of posts available at the beginning of the current administration.

Another indicator in the coverage of high-specialty services in the country that the Secretary mentioned is the experience that will be acquired with the healthcare system transformation plan.

Initially, he said, the federal Government proposed that 500 doctors from Cuba would be hired to increase the capacity of medical units.

For the time being, in Nayarit, which has 66 percent of its specialists’ needs covered, the 60 newly-arrived Cuban doctors will be distributed among 11 hospitals that operate under the plan run by IMSS-Bienestar.


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