Cuban Doctors Discharge Eight Ebola Patients from Hospital

alta-ebola[1]Havana, Jan 8 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban doctors fighting against the Ebola virus in Liberia, Africa, discharged a total of 8 patients who had been admitted in a unit to treat the disease in this African country, seriously affected by the virus.

Cuban doctor Ronald Hernandez said in his personal account in Facebook that he felt himself happy, and that the amount of nights without sleep or the danger to be affected by the virus, do not care right now.

Doctor Hernandez showed pictures of the patients, in which the joy for having been recently cured is visibly shown.

“Now, more than ever, we fell a great pride of being Cuban doctors, good professionals, and being here, helping the African people,” Hernandez said.

Cuba sent 256 public health professionals to African countries affected by Ebola, of which 165 are in Sierra Leona, 53 in Liberia and 38 in Guinea Conakry, with a total of 32 medical brigades in Africa, which include 2,269 doctors.

Liberia and Sierra Leona have the biggest amount of deceased cases and affected people.

The World Health Organization reported Monday the Ebola virus has taken the lives of 8,153 people in western Africa. There are 20,656 confirmed cases and the mortality rate of the virus is of 39 percent. Until January 3, Sierra Leone registered 9, 772 cases; while the deceased go to 2,925 people.

Liberia recorded until December 31, 8, 115 infected and 3,471 dead people. Guinea closes the list of nations in West Africa with 2,769 infected and 767 deaths.

Minor cases are reported in Great Britain, Nigeria, Spain and the United States.

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