Cuban Doctors Attend to Venezuelan Oil Workers

Caracas, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban doctors who are members of the ”Barrio Adentro” Mission are attending to workers of the Electric Corporation of Venezuela who are arduously working to restore power following several sabotage attacks on the national grid.

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez wrote on Twitter this special medical care is being carried out on instruction of President Nicolas Maduro, and thanked the willingness of Cuban doctors to cooperate in such sensible times.

Rodriguez tweeted from the state of Bolivar she is visiting as Chief of Electric Staff supervising the recovery from successive sabotages. There she visited a health service center in the Guri Camp, where she oversaw assistance provided in dentistry, pediatrics, vaccination and general medicine to electric company workers and communities close to Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Power Station.

She acknowledged the efforts electric workers are doing, together with staff of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces, who are tirelessly working to fix damages on the national power grid done by the sabotages masterminded by the rightwing.


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