Cuban doctors assist population affected by rains in Venezuela

Caracas, Aug 31 (Prensa Latina) A team of specialists from the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela on Tuesday are assisting the people affected by torrential rains and landslides registered in the western state of Merida.

The 20th brigade of the Ernesto Guevara Contingent, made up of 18 Cuban collaborators -among doctors, nursing and logistic insurance personnel- traveled from Caracas to one of the hardest-hit federal entities by the heavy rains of the last few days, to immediately provide their services.

With a population of approximately 37,000 inhabitants, eight sectors belonging to four districts in Tovar municipality have been severely affected by floods and landslides.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Doctor Amado Peña, head of the Cuban emergency brigade deployed in that area, explained that the collaborators are working in the worst affected communities, by means of a house-to-house search for the main pathologies, physical and psychological traumas.

According to official sources, a total of 88 Venezuelan municipalities have been affected to date by a rainy season with an average rainfall higher than 65 percent, compared to those registered in previous years.

Last week, the Venezuelan Government issued a 90-day emergency decree for the states of Apure, Bolivar, Yaracuy, Zulia and Merida to address the effects of heavy rains.

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